Fencing is a fun, challenging, and thrilling sport accessible to all ages and ability levels. Here at Genesis Fencing Club, we strive to achieve both physical and mental excellence through individualized coaching, dynamic peer mentoring, and an emphasis on technique and tactics.
GFC offers several ways to enjoy the art of fencing. From Little Musketeer classes to Competitive Memberships, we have the staff, equipment, and dedication to assist students on their path to excellence.

Q: How does fencing change lives?

A: Fencing improves physical qualities such as cardio vascular fitness, endurance and strength. Mentally, fencing develops concentration, attention distribution, and the ability to solve problems under intense pressure. Also emotionally fencing focuses on psychological endurance, resiliency, self-confidence and motivation for success.

Chances of a high school athlete competing in College Fencing

Number of High School fencing participants
1,925 Men, 1,771 Women

Number of College fencing participants:
622 Men , 674 Women

% of high school players competing in college:
32.3% Men, 38.1% Women

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